Adam Posen

President, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Adam Posen is President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. From September 2009, by appointment of the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dr. Posen served for three years as an external voting member of the Bank of England’s rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). During this critical period for the world economy, he was a prominent advocate of activist policy response to the financial crisis, successfully led the MPC into quantitative easing, pushed efforts to stimulate business investment to the top of the UK economic agenda, and accurately forecast global inflation developments. He consulted for the UK Cabinet Office on the successful London G-20 Summit of 2009, prior to being appointed to the MPC. In April 2012, an article in theAtlantic magazine named Dr. Posen to its international team of “superstar central bankers,” and in December 2012 he was profiled in the New York Times Magazine article “God Save the British Economy.”