E15 Experts are leading thinkers and practitioners from developed and developing countries reflecting a wide range of perspectives on trade and sustainable development. The experts’ participation in any E15 activity is on a personal basis and does not represent an official commitment of the organisations they are affiliated with.


Christophe Bellmann

Senior Research Fellow, ICTSD
Functioning of the WTO - Group Manager
Global Value Chains - Group Manager
Extractive Industries - Contributing Author
Fisheries and Oceans - Contributing Author
Subsidies - Group Manager

MA in International Relations, Graduate Institute for International Studies, Geneva. Senior Research Fellow, ICTSD. Former: Programmes Director, ICTSD; Director of Policy Dialogues, ICTSD; Programme Officer for Outreach and Partnership, ICTSD; Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations; Research Associate, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Santiago, Chile. Has produced several papers and articles related among others to public participation in the WTO, possible multilateral disciplines on foreign direct investment (FDI), trade preferences for developing countries, agriculture trade reform and trade-related technical assistance.