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Vangelis Vitalis

Deputy Secretary, Trade and Economic Group, Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and Trade

Vangelis is Deputy Secretary Trade and Economic at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is New Zealand’s Chief Negotiator for the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership and Special Envoy for the Small Advanced Economies Initiative.
He most recently served as New Zealand’s Ambassador to the WTO in Geneva, and prior to that was New Zealand’s Ambassador to the EU, NATO and Sweden based in Brussels. He has also had postings in Canberra and Moscow.
While in Geneva, Vangelis was elected to chair the WTO agriculture negotiations. He also chaired the OECD Committee on Trade and Environment (2008-2016) and helped establish the Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform.
From 2008-2011 Vangelis was Chief Negotiator for the Malaysia FTA and the regional ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA, and a negotiator for the China FTA.
Vangelis has worked outside the Ministry, including at the OECD from 2001-2004 and as a consultant for various governments on WTO accession processes.
Vangelis speaks Greek, German and Russian and is married with three children.