The E15 engages key stakeholders – trade and investment policy makers, business and thought leaders – in policy dialogues in Geneva and around the world to explore and help validate ideas, align interests and strengthen the impetus for change.

Expert Group and Task Force Workshops

First Expert Group Workshop on Functioning of the WTO

28 - 01 February 2013 , Geneva

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The E15 Expert Group on the Functioning of the WTO met for the first time in Geneva on 28 February – 1 March 2013 to begin Expert Group discussions on whether and to what extent institutional reform is needed for the WTO. The workshop, led by ICTSD and WTI, provided participants with an overview of key issues and concerns regarding the functioning of the WTO, including: the negotiating function of the WTO and the various mechanism that are or could be used to make it more efficient (single undertaking vis-a-vis plurilateral agreements, participation in informal consultations, countries coalitions, etc); the regular work of WTO Committees; and the involvement of the business community in WTO activities, a subject of which so far little attention has been given.

Attendance at this event was by invitation only.