The E15 engages key stakeholders – trade and investment policy makers, business and thought leaders – in policy dialogues in Geneva and around the world to explore and help validate ideas, align interests and strengthen the impetus for change.

Expert Group and Task Force Workshops

First Expert Group Workshop on Global Value Chains

19 - 20 November 2012 , Geneva

The E15 Expert Group on Global Value Chains: Development Challenges and Policy Options met for the first time on 17-19 November 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. The group of experts, established by ICTSD and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), explored how GVCs are impacting the structure of trade and how trade policies should address these challenges. The main purpose of this group of experts would be to arrive at a set of well-reasoned policy options for the WTO to deal more appropriately with the trade policy challenges and opportunity posed by the emergence of GVCs. To this end, its decisions should be geared towards decision-makers and be made available at the 2013 WTO Ministerial Conference.

The group discussed the following questions:

  • How GVCs are impacting the structure of trade?
  • What are likely to be the most significant trade obstacles affecting GVC and how to address them?
  • How is the nature and geography of GVC likely to evolve in the near future?
  • How individual countries should position themselves to integrate and participate in these value chains?
  • How GVCs impact trade policy formulation in general?
  • How can government ensure appropriate institutional and legal framework to manage the growing economic interdependencies resulting from GVC?
  • What are the implications for future international trade negotiations at the regional of multilateral level?

Attendance at this event was by invitation only.