The E15 engages key stakeholders – trade and investment policy makers, business and thought leaders – in policy dialogues in Geneva and around the world to explore and help validate ideas, align interests and strengthen the impetus for change.

Trade and Development Symposium

New Industrial Policy in the 21st Century

11 December 2017 , Bolsa de Cereales, Buenos Aires - 17:00 - 18:30

Ten years on from the financial crisis, countries continue to seek out levers to reinvigorate dynamic growth and sustainable development. Many are increasingly re-examining the use of industrial policies as a means to promote industrial growth, diversification and structural transformation, to build toward a more resilient economy. This session sought to review how industrial policies have evolved in light of recent changes in the global economy, technology, and trade and investment patterns; and to determine whether existing international trade and investment systems provide adequate policy space for countries to achieve their sustainable development objectives, whilst facilitating 21st century international patterns of production. This session was organised under the E15 Initiative, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, and was moderated by Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, ICTSD Chief Executive.

The biennial Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium (TSDS), held alongside the WTO ministerial conference for over a decade, is the leading multi-stakeholder platform for intellectual enquiry and dialogue on sustainable development and the global trade and investment system. The TSDS – organised by ICTSD in partnership with the Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC), the InterAmerican Development Bank (BID), Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI) and Bolsa de Cereales with the support and collaboration of the Ministerio de Producción, Presidencia de la Nación, Argentina – acts as an inclusive platform outside of the WTO negotiating setting for sharing ideas, engaging in dialogue, and influencing trade policy negotiations. Drawing in participants from government, business and civil society, the Symposium helps to maintain and elaborate a global vision of sustainable development in trade and investment policymaking.


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