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The E15 Initiative at the Harvard Law School’s Academic Symposium on « Old Rules, New Problems: The WTO at 20 »

27 - 28 April 2016 , Harvard Law School

On April 28-29, 2016, Harvard Law School hosted a conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The conference was organised with the assistance of WTO Appellate Body Chairman Thomas Graham. The anniversary conference occurs once every decade. It brought together a collection of government officials, legal practitioners, academics and other stakeholders to discuss pressing issues confronting the trade regime with Appellate Body members and high-level officials serving in the WTO Secretariat.

The conference offered a unique opportunity for users of the WTO dispute settlement system and those affected by its decisions to provide direct feedback, and to engage in discussions, about the system. It came at an important time for US trade policy. With the Doha Round stalled, very little updating of WTO rules has occurred since the mid-1990s. New developments in 21st century trade raise concerns over whether such rules are becoming outdated. Attention is shifting away from the WTO towards mega-regional trade deals.

Prior to the conference, an Academic Symposium was held on April 27 and the morning of April 28. Conference participants presented recent and ongoing research about the trade regime, including findings of the E15 Initiative on services, finance and development, climate change, digital trade, and investment policy. 23 E15 members participated in this conference (listed below), as well as representatives outside the E15 from academia, governance, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations. The aim of the Symposium was to inform attendees about the latest academic thinking and promote a discussion about such work.

Link to the event : https://wto20.law.harvard.edu/overview/