The E15 engages key stakeholders – trade and investment policy makers, business and thought leaders – in policy dialogues in Geneva and around the world to explore and help validate ideas, align interests and strengthen the impetus for change.

World Economic Forum Meetings

E15 at the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2017

06 April 2017 , Buenos Aires, Argentina

E15Initiative policy options helped to inform trade and investment discussions at the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2017 from 5-7 April in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ICTSD participated in the following sessions relevant to E15 work, represented by Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, ICTSD Chief Executive.

Time (GMT-3) and Location Description
Thursday, 6 April
Connected Latin America

What collaborative action is needed to build a single regional digital market in Latin America and the Caribbean that can drive new opportunities, economic growth and social equality?

Dimensions to be addressed:
– Developing Internet for all
– Scaling up Internet-enabled trade while tackling online crime
– Managing data flows in an interconnected world

This session discussed the creation of a regional digital single market in Latin America and the Caribbean that drives new inclusive growth opportunities. Inputs were gathered through discussions among business, regulators and civil society.

Thursday, 6 April
FDI in a World of Walls and Barriers

How will FDI shape up in a world of Brexit, a failed TPP and US anti-trade rhetoric? Can the region leap-frog this backlash and drive much needed inward FDI and economic diversification? What can trade and investment blocks such as MERCOSUR and the Pacific Alliance offer?

With Argentina at the helm of the trade and investment discussions, as next hosts of the WTO Ministerial and the G20, the region has an unparalleled opportunity to become a global rule-setter on investment policymaking and liberalisation, highlighting the value of open borders and free flow of goods and services. At the same time, the voice of those left behind must be heard, to avoid populism and a return to a world of walls and barriers. Can Latin America show the way forward?