E15 Experts are leading thinkers and practitioners from developed and developing countries reflecting a wide range of perspectives on trade and sustainable development. The experts’ participation in any E15 activity is on a personal basis and does not represent an official commitment of the organisations they are affiliated with.


Andrew Crosby

Managing Director, ICTSD
Digital Economy - Convener

Andrew Crosby is part of ICTSD’s Senior Management team. He is in charge of ICTSD’s communications and publishing operations, acting as Editor-In-Chief for its widely recognised Bridges series of periodicals that engage global policy maker and influencer communities on policy developments. He oversees ICTSD’s research publications, which are authored by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, and numbering approximately 80 publications annually. Mr. Crosby provides strategic direction for ICTSD programmes in the areas of digital economy and services; innovation; and agriculture and food security. Mr. Crosby was ICTSD’s first programmes director from 1997 to 2002, a period that led to the establishment of ICTSD as a globally recognised leader on trade and sustainable development. He re-joined ICTSD in 2009. With a background in strategic communications, electoral politics, and organisational management, Mr. Crosby brings extensive experience to ICTSD in reaching and engaging diverse communities. He was a founder of the American Political Network in 1988 which produced The Hotline, the first national daily journal on US politics. Earlier in his career he conducted research for corporations and advocacy organisations to guide political action, market strategy, and fund development. From 2002 to 2009 he was the managing editor of the Nonprofit Quarterly, a field-based journal dedicated to advancing management practice in nonprofit organisations. He earned a Master in Public Administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 1996, and a BA in Political Science from New York University in 1985. He is citizen of the United States of America and currently resides in Switzerland.


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