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Johannes Bernabe

Senior Partner at Ocampo & Manalo Law Offices
Clean Energy Technologies - Contributing Author
Innovation - Member
Services - Member

Senior Partner at Ocampo Manalo (Manila). Specialises in project finance, mergers and acquisitions, investments and energy. Former: Senior Associate, ICTSD; Programme Coordinator, Trade in Services and Legal Aspects of International Trade, ICTSD; Lead negotiator for services trade trade-related intellectual property rights and the Dispute Settlement Understanding, Philippine Mission to the WTO. Has provided policy options on numerous trade-related technical assistance projects organised for the benefit of developing countries, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, member countries of the Islamic Development Bank and the group of least-developed countries in the WTO. Has taken a financial stake in a few small- and medium-sized renewable energy companies in the Philippines which aim to provide electricity to under-served, far-flung communities.