E15 Experts are leading thinkers and practitioners from developed and developing countries reflecting a wide range of perspectives on trade and sustainable development. The experts’ participation in any E15 activity is on a personal basis and does not represent an official commitment of the organisations they are affiliated with.


Michael Grubb

Professor of International Energy and Climate Policy at UCL

Professor of International Energy and Climate Policy, University College London (UCL); Senior Advisor on Sustainable Energy Policy, UK Energy Regulator Ofgem; Editor-in-chief, Climate Policy; Member of the editorial board, Energy Policy. Former: Senior Research Fellow and Chair of Energy and Climate Policy Programme, Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR); Specialist Advisor, House of Lords European Committee enquiry ‘No Country is an Energy Island: securing investment for the EU’s Future’; Chair, Climate Strategies; Senior Research Associate, Faculty of Economics at Cambridge; Chief Economist, Carbon Trust; Professor of Climate Change and Energy Policy, Imperial College London; Head of Energy and Environment, Chatham House. Author of eight books, fifty journal research articles, and numerous other publications. Has held many advisory positions with governments, companies and international studies on climate change and energy policy. Lead Author for several reports of the IPCC on mitigation.