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Petros C. Mavroidis

Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, on leave at European University Institute
RTA Exchange - Speakers
Regulatory Coherence - Theme Leader
Regulatory Coherence - Contributing Author

Edwin B. Parker Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, currently on leave at the Robert Schuman Centre at European University Institute (EUI) Florence until 2016. Former chief reporter (along with Henrik Horn) for the American Law Institute (ALI) law and economics project ‘Principles of International Trade: the WTO’. His latest publication is an edited volume with Henrik Horn reflecting the papers prepared for the ALI study (Cambridge, 2013), and the second edition of his treatise ‘Trade in Goods’ (Oxford, 2012). Dr iuris, University of Heidelberg; Master’s degrees in economics and law, University of California Berkeley and Institut d’Etudes Européennes (Brussels).

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