E15 Experts are leading thinkers and practitioners from developed and developing countries reflecting a wide range of perspectives on trade and sustainable development. The experts’ participation in any E15 activity is on a personal basis and does not represent an official commitment of the organisations they are affiliated with.


Rafael L. Nava y Uribe

Institutional Relations Director, Mabe

Institutional Relations Director, Mabe; Executive President and Founding Member, Standardization and Certification Association (ANCE); CEO and Founder, COMENOR (Mexican Association of SDO and CA bodies); Project leader, Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA). Has worked for over 20 years with: CONUEE (Energy Efficiency Mexican Government Agency); CNN (National Standardization Committee, Mexico); COPANT; IEC (as SMB member, Council Board member); CEM (Mexican electro technical committee); several international meetings ISO, PASC; CANAME (Electrical Manufacturers Chamber) representative before Mexican Bureau of standards.