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Compilation Report: Functioning of the WTO

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December 2013
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This compilation of six papers was produced in 2013 in the context of the “E15 Expert Group on the Functioning of the WTO”, convened by ICTSD and the World Trade Institute (WTI). The background paper first examines the state of WTO governance considering the current state of affairs at the WTO, and then focuses on three aspects of WTO operations: negotiations, the work of Committees, and interaction with the business community. The different think pieces address the need to adapt and change the governance model of the WTO in response to the changes in the world trade system, analyse the work of the committees and working groups at the WTO and suggest a series of reforms, introduce ideas for reinvigorating business support for multilateralism, analyse the plurilateral approach to recent agreements at the WTO, and finally review ideas for breaking the Doha Development Round deadlock.

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