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E15项目报告中文版于2016年3月18日在北京钓鱼台大酒店发布。该报告包括了综合报告的行政摘要和17个主题报告,为改进21世纪全球贸易和 投资体系提出了分析和建议。E15项目由国际贸易和可持续发展中心(ICTSD)和世界经济论坛联合实施。国务院发展研究中心主办的中国发展论坛的部分嘉 宾参加了本次发布会。

The Chinese translation of the E15 Report was launched Friday, 18 March 2016 at the E15 Beijing Launch Event. The E15 Report is comprised of the complete volume of policy option papers and a Synthesis Report, which together serve to propose, interpret and explore suggestions for improved governance of the global trade and investment system in the 21st century across 17 key thematic areas.

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