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Facilitation 2.0: E-Commerce and Trade in the Digital Age

By Maria Ptashkina, 
September 2018
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With a growing number of transactions available on the internet, the interconnection between regulatory issues creates unprecedented complexities for both transaction subjects and policymakers. Through the lens of Facilitation 2.0, it is possible to identify and target the development of simplified and harmonised procedures to facilitate cross-border exchanges of goods, services, investment, and knowledge. This paper attempts to conceptually address some of the most important aspects of international regulation by looking at the interaction of different regulatory frameworks, analysing provisions of a representative universe of preferential trade agreements, and commenting on the relationship between sustainability and e-commerce development.

The think piece is part of a series of four publications:

Facilitation 2.0: Investment and Trade in the Digital Age

Facilitation 2.0: Services and Trade in the Digital Age

Facilitation 2.0: E-commerce and Trade in the Digital Age

Facilitation 2.0: Goods and Trade in the Digital Age (forthcoming)


The RTA Exchange, jointly implemented by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is a platform that convenes purposeful multi-stakeholder dialogues that work in the interest of constructing better trade and investment agreements for sustainable development at the regional and multilateral levels.

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